Top 5 reasons to protect your car with Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

1. You love your car. You want it to look great!

When you drive, dirty the paint on your bumper, headlamps, fender, hood, and mirrors. Most people drive around with ugly, filthy-looking front ends, or they spend too much time and money at carwashes. But why would you want to be like most people? Your car deserves always to be looking as sexy as the first day you brought it home. Apply a layer of clear paint protection and you’ll protect your auto without covering up it’s natural beauty. Midwest Clear Bra can professionally protect your paint with nearly invisible Xpel Protective Film, or 3M Pro Series, the industry’s most durable and reliable products. Paint protection film is easier to clean and repels more dust and dirt than the paint underneath.

2. Mayhem is everywhere!

Everyone has been driving along before and POP, SLAP, CRACK – something flies into you. Damaging hazards on the road constantly bombard the front of your automobile. Car protective film will help with damage control from shooting rocks and debris that can chip paint or glass. It will also defend against the corrosive acid left from splattered bugs, and the abrasive paint deterioration caused by sand and dirt particles in the air.

3. Minnesota is as rugged as it is beautiful.

The land of 10,000 lakes, mountains, volcanic rock, but also extreme weather conditions run through our great state. We have 100-degree days in the summer and minus-50 in the winter. Snow, rain, hail, and high-velocity winds frequently visitor us. Window film and paint protection can safeguard your automobile from these menaces, as well as from all that rock salt that gets poured over the roads in the winter.

4. Clear Bra protection is cheaper than a new paint job.

You want your car to live a long and healthy life. And that goes for its looks too, right? A new paint job can cost as much as $500 for just a fender, up to as much as $10,000 for the full body! A full paint protection and window tinting costs only a small fraction of that, and may last as long as your car does without detracting from its appearance in the least bit. Money talks baby!

5. Extra support for your “headlights”…

Well, there’s a reason we call it a “car bra!” Clear bra auto protective film isn’t just for paint; it’s also for the glass on your headlights. The clear film can minimize cracks and dings while letting your lights shine through.

Midwest Clear Bra is Minnesota’s leading installer of paint protection film and an official dealer of do-it-yourself protective film and window tinting kits. I bet you can think of more than 5 reasons you should protect your paint.  Call or click here right now for more info or a free quote or consultation with no obligation.



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