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Commercial and Residential Window Tint Films

Do your tenants complain about heat, glare, and rising energy costs? 3M Commercial and Residential Window Tint improves comfort, improves energy savings, increases privacy, prevents fade, reduces glare, and increases safety and security.  Want to see the difference? Try the 3M Window Film Simulator!

Downtown Wayzata, MN, 35% 3M Night Vision Window Film


  • Block UV Rays

    Ultra-Violet (UV) rays can be harmful to your skin.  Protect yourself by adding a layer of window tint protection.

  • Reject Heat

    Window Films can help keep you cool! Even without a dark shade they can reduce heat in your home or business

  • Add Privacy

    Privacy and Security come from darker shades or reflective film.  Keep wandering eyes out of your home and business

  • Enhanced Look

    Enjoy a sleek look

Decorative Window Films



Decorative films have become very popular for both commercial and residential applications. Enhance the look of your business by embedding the logo in the film, creating powerful brand awareness and a frosted-glass look.  Open workspaces can have more separation by adding privacy to glass panels, while maintaining an open feel.

These films are long-lasting, but also removable should you need to rebrand. Allowing flexibility in leased spaces or for property managers looking to e





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