Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paint-Protection Film (PPF)?

Paint Protection Film (or “clear bra”) is a polyurethane clear film designed to cover painted areas of your vehicle.  The film is 8-8.5mils thick, self healing, and carries a 10-year warranty.  When applied over your paint, PPF is the best protection currently available for your vehicle to combat rock chips and other debris.   We use only the best films on the market, 3M Pro Series 4, XPEL Ultimate and XPEL Stealth.

Will it enhance the appearance of my car?

Clear bra applied by Midwest Clear Bra, will protect your car for years and remain virtually invisible.

Can I wash and wax my vehicle after the paint protection is applied?

Yes, you may wash and wax your vehicle just as you would your paint.  Questions about care? Call us! We are here to help answer questions and keep your vehicle looking great!

Can I get Ceramic Coating on my clear bra?

Yes! We apply Ceramic Coating in house! With another added layer of protection your car is more protected and much easier to clean!  This is also applied to the painted areas of the vehicle

If I sell my car, can the clear bra be removed?

Yes. 3M Pro Series and XPEL use patented acrylic adhesive which can be safely removed without residue, leaving your car looking as great today as the day you bought it!

Why us?

Our templates are designed to contour your vehicle and protect your paint to the highest standards in the industry. By working with us, and our direct relationships with 3M and XPEL we guarantee your car’s paint protection against fading or peeling. Our clear bra film is so strong it is almost impossible to puncture.  We are here to help YOU! By working directly with us, we pass the savings on to you instead of the dealership markup.  We have been installing and training others to protect paint since 2001.

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