Mazda 3

Consider getting hit in the face with a rock going sixty miles an hour. That’s going to leave a mark, right? Well, your Mazda 3 is out there like that all the time. The best way to keep it’s face clean? Minnesota Clear Bra’s clear paint protective film.

This Mazda 3 automobile has a Midwest Clear Bra protective film shield installed to protect its hood, fenders, bumpers, headlights and mirrors from damaging rock chips and other debris. This Clear Bra kit was cut on our special plotter from a template of the exact make and model of this vehicle, so we did not have to cut on the Mazda surface. This is unprecedented in the Clear Bra market. With our special process, the 8 millimeter film flows over the leading edge of your Mazda 3 vehicle, so it is seamless and protects all the exposed areas.

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